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Smiles by Garlynn Photography


Garlynn is a Midland, MI based photographer who has a passion for capturing the beauty and joy of nature.  She started her business in 1994 where she worked as a freelance artist for many years.  Her photography has been published in magazines & books, and used in marketing campaigns.  Her nature photo-art can be purchased at Art Shows & Festivals, in local gift shops and online. 

The stunning 4"x 4" Acrylic Glass Blocks highlight Garlynn's vibrant style of photography.  The crystal clear blocks are light weight, yet free standing, so no frame is required. Light enters in from all sides, illuminating the UV protected photo in a unique way, which greatly enhances their brilliance and depth.  These tiny pieces of art have a sculpture like, 3D appearance and they fit perfectly on a windowsill, shelf or desk! 

Visit Smiles by Garlynn Photography Facebook page to view her gallery.